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Diver in icy water, diver in confined space, diver in decontamination area

Our Safe Work Policies at Allied Commercial Divers Ltd.

At Allied Commercial Divers Ltd. in Edmonton, we have a standing Safety First policy, including our own loss prevention program, our own General Safe Work Plans, Work Permits and on-going training for every employee. Permanent staff members are trained in the Safety Training Observation Program (S.T.O.P.). Personal protective equipment, including safety shoes, hard hats, safety glasses, Nomex® coveralls, protective suits, gloves, headgear, hearing protection and breathing apparatus are provided as required.


Assessing Specific Projects for Safety

ACD reviews prospective projects using guidelines set down in our Safe Work Procedure Manual. After the initial review, a specific job permit is drawn up. At this time, a project manager is assigned to the project. This plan is then reviewed by the relevant employer and as a safe work procedure is written which includes the interaction between ACD and plant personnel. The assigned project manager ensures that all employees are adequately trained for the task that they are to perform, and will write reports on a daily basis detailing job progress.


Safety Above All Else

We maintain our own first aid equipment and insist on first aid qualifications for all fulltime employees. ACD project managers hold daily Safe Work meetings. If any employee voices a safety concern then all relevant work stops until such time that the problem or concern is resolved. ACD considers additional expense or a job’s completion secondary to ensuring the absolute safety of our workers.

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