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Over Five Decades of Professional Diving Services

Allied Commercial Divers Ltd. has been serving businesses throughout Western Canada since 1963. Directors Pat Bredin and Brad Niehaus are both passionate about our stellar safety practices and the overall quality of our work. Our qualified Journeyman personnel draw from years of collective experience and trade qualifications in both diving and several other relative fields. Our diving team is made up of past:

  • Mechanics
  • Boilermakers
  • Welders
  • Pipefitters
  • Equipment operators

We are a dynamic, innovative team working in an atmosphere of integrity, empathy, consistency and trust for the purpose of satisfying all of our customers, every time. At Allied Commercial Divers Ltd, we have given our customers our assurance of quality and performance by following strategic goals adopted within our organization by all employees. These goals are used as our guideline to provide the costumer with maximum efficiency, safety, quality, production and personal potential while ensuring environmental requirements, but are not limited to the preceding.

Strategic Goals

  • We maximize the efficient use of our resources in a suitable manner.
  • We ensure a safe, healthy and satisfying work environment.
  • We work with our customers to define mutually acceptable standards of quality and service.
  • We minimize cost and optimize production.
  • We operate in an environment which encourages each person to reach their full potential.
  • We are proactive to all environmental requirements.
Diver with underwater drill

Quality Control

Quality control at Allied Commercial Divers Ltd. is achieved and retained by rigidly following quality assurance guidelines and ensuring that all personnel are qualified and capable of the tasks placed before them. Certification for all divers and trades people is a must. When and if possible, work is monitored by closed circuit video to obtain as much information as possible and to give the client a diver’s perspective of the task at hand. Daily reports and logs are to be kept by the diver, supervised and produced at safety meetings and pro-job assemblies or at the client’s request. All equipment at Allied Commercial Divers Ltd. is to be inspected and tested for safe and proper operation before use on each job. All diving operations will be conducted within procedures set down in the Canadian Competency Standards for Diving Operations CAN/CSA-Z275.4-02, the Canadian Occupational Safety Code for Diving Operations CAN/CSA0Z275.2-92 and the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code, Part 31. Additional rules and guidelines are set out in the Allied Commercial Divers Ltd. Safety Manual for Safe Work Procedures and Safe Operating Procedures. We at Allied Commercial Divers Ltd. believe this to be our frontline in regards to methods of control to ensure the highest level of quality and safety to our personnel and to our clients.

WHAT WE DO The team at Allied Commercial Divers can adapt our diverse diving services to fit your particular project and its specific needs. Find Out More
JOBSITE SAFETY More than anything, ACD is dedicated to maintaining our stellar safety record on all commercial and industrial worksites. See Our Policies
GET STARTED Interested in learning more? Have an ACD representative visit your place of business for a consultation or project evaluation. Call Us
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