Pump Operators in Alberta and Western Canada

Allied Commercial Divers Ltd. provides pumping operations for commercial businesses in Saskatchewan, Alberta and the rest of Western Canada. Our pumping equipment includes:

Remotely Operated Pump Control Unit

Its low light and infrared cameras enable our operator to precisely control the unit and record all operations.

4” Remote Control-Tracked Pumping Vehicle

This remote-controlled unit can be fitted with various custom attachments. It’s capable of high travel speeds and is suitable for both light duty jobs and tireless pumping in several feet of sediment.

3” Submersible Hydraulic Pump

The diver manipulates a 4” suction hose and dredge head, providing high lift capabilities when dredging in deep confined spaces.

Plastic Hydraulic Pump

We also offer a similar unit with a plastic body and impeller for removing extremely abrasive materials.

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